Seriously, stop it.

I periodically check various tags of characters and shows which get a lot of hate, and then I yell at people. Feel free to make suggestions about which tags I should be checking.

Legolas has had a major role in three movies.


carnivoroussquirrel asked: Okay so a while back I tagged some hate and you just reblogged it with a gif or disagreement and went about your day. Dude that is classy as shit. Seriously. I was so pleased because you didn't come ranting and raving and causing a whole bunch of hullabaloo. You just called me out on my shit in the most awesome way. So thank you. Truly.

I can safely say that this is the most surprising response I’ve ever had to this blog! Thank you so much for being cool about it.

Robin/Marian is the pairing with least chemistry in the history of TV


That said,I am watching Robin Hood Series 3 right now and what can I say? It hurts.
I hurts that I don’t like the protagonist of the show. It hurts that I sympathise with the evil one. BUT IT HURTS BECAUSE I FEEL BETRAYED BY MARIAN.

I had so many hopes put on her. Really! I was shipping Gisborne/Marian so hard…I was deceiving myself the same way Guy was deceiving himself. And that’s the reason why I totally understand him. WE HAVE BEEN BETRAYED BY THE SAME WOMAN.

I just can’t.

Those last moments of season 2.



ok this may be due to the fact that i’m like garcia, insomuch that i don’t like change (exclusively in regards to the cast of my tv shows) BUT WHO THE HELL IS THIS BLAKE WOMAN?? no. i do not approve. 

BBC Sherlock vs Elementary


The fight that no one on either side gives a shit about but apparently people won’t let go?  I watch both shows (gasp!) and according to the tags for Elementary I’m a “white male centric, sexist, queer-baiting, ‘ruined by moffat’, anti-ACD fan” if I watch BBC Sherlock.  

If I go on the Sherlock tags, I need a shock blanket and I might have feels for Benedict.  But there wasn’t a single opinion about fans of Elementary. 

The ONLY negative thing I found in the Sherlock tag were from two Elementary posters. Mind you I am only using tonight as an example because normally I only scroll thru the blogs I follow but…damn.  Maybe the Elementary tag feels like it has to be defensive because it’s in its first season?  

I LOVE Sherlock Holmes.  I love Sherlock in every incarnation I’ve come across because it’s the ‘brilliant mind that doesn’t quite fit in with everyone else’ that draws me in.  You are not a better person/fan for liking one incarnation over another.  I don’t care if you prefer Wishbone!  We all love Sherlock, let’s stop bringing up other shows/movies/books and bashing them to feel better about our own favs.


As a big fan of The Hobbit, I am really mad that they are putting this Tauriel girl in the movies, when in the books she doesn’t appear at all.
I’m dreading her appearance will turn the movie into a complete mess.

And this whole romance thing between her and Kili I had been reading about….just WTF?

As a girl, I like TH as it is. Romance is not needed for the movie to be good.

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“Further, basic social etiquette says that when somebody asks you nicely to do something you comply, or at the very least respond politely.”

HA! So if i’d said ‘No i am sorry i cannot comply with your request’ that would have been perfectly okay with you? Of course not. I’m not gonna stop doing something because someone doesn’t like what i am doing when it’s something as harmless as my dislike for A FICTIONAL character who is actually written as a bit of a douchebag.

I posted a gif from a comedy show. It’s not like i told them to bugger off. If i was gonna be rude you’d/they’d know it.

if i made a post about um.. let’s say The Governor (from the walking dead comic/tv show) and said ‘he’s a crazy psycho and i hate him’  would you moan about that? The fact that a character created to be evil as fuck was having the desired effect on people? TV show Andrea is meant to be hated for betraying her friends. You’re not supposed to like her really. It’s part of her character. So by hating andrea you’re saying ‘well done writers.. well played’

You don’t see how it’s relevant? Did you stop reading there? Or?

I disliked cyclops. Then i didn’t

I disliked Dazzler. Then i didn’t (bonus character)

I dislike Striker.

Do you see where this is going?

I MIGHT end up liking him. Still reading Avengers Arena. He’s still alive.I even said as much. Very relevant.

one day there might actually be Striker love from me. I doubt it though because he’s a tosser.

If Andrea has a problem with me calling her a bint she can whine and complain to my inbox. I was gonna call her a cunt but i thought i’d keep it clean.

I’m not anonymous online. I’ve told people where i live and posted my awesome face many times.


This did start out as something harmless that i wasn’t taking seriously.. but now you’ve made yourself a very powerful enemy.


I’m kind of a big deal.. people know me.

I’m just kidding. Nobody knows me.

I don’t watch the Walking Dead, either.

I’ll respond to your points very briefly:

I thought you were being rude. Tumblr user janetvandonewithyourshit also found you rude. When multiple people find you rude, it’s a good bet you’re being rude.

I’m not denying that your opinion of a character can change over time. The fact that your opinion over Character X has changed has nothing to do with your present opinion of Character Y. And if all you have to say about them is, “I don’t like them!” you’re not adding anything to the conversation and you should keep your mouth shut.

Hating a clear villain is obviously different from hating a good guy.

Finally, an announcement: Hey everybody! I’ve made my first nemesis! A celebratory reception will be held shortly, and drinks will be provided.





I reacted like someone not taking it seriously. Also I don’t like people telling me (even if they say please) what i can and can’t do. Especially when it’s something to do with MY opinion of something. It’s more than likely just gonna make me do it more (yes i am twelve).

I find it funny that people care when someone doesn’t like a character. I find it even funnier you’ve made a blog.

There’s a reason why the show or character gets a lot of hate.. because a lot of people DON’T LIKE IT/THEM!

Andrea in the walking dead was a silly bint and the show is a better place now that she’s ceased to be. All of those people are dead because she didn’t kill the governor. Well played, Andrea what do you do for your next trick? Hurl puppies and kittens in to a fire?

you are not clever or edgy for moaning about someone having a negative opinion about a character you know nothing about, you are being rude

Now if someone who was a fan of striker was to be all ‘well yeah he is a bit of a dick to start with but then he does something which makes him a better person’ i’d be all ‘oh okay then i look forward to reading it’

Take for instance my hate for Cyclops. Oh man. I hated that guy. But then things changed. I now like Cyclops.

So let’s see if Striker redeems himself in my eyes.. eh?

okay wow you’re so all over the place that you’ve obscured your point

Just because you’re online and have the benefit of anonymity does not excuse you from basic social etiquette, and basic social etiquette says that you shouldn’t be rude for the sake of being rude or antagonize for the sake of antagonizing. Further, basic social etiquette says that when somebody asks you nicely to do something you comply, or at the very least respond politely.

I didn’t make this blog to meet with your approval. I made it for myself. I don’t care if you think it’s silly.

I also don’t care if you have a negative opinion of something; I care that you put it in the tags. If you tagged Twilight hate, that would still be rude.

I…don’t care about how you feel about Cyclops? and I don’t see how it’s relevant?

(also bravo using gendered insults for Andrea a+ for you)

Unless you have something constructive to add, stay out of the tags.








i’m reading Avenger’s Academy

Someone please tell me that Striker dies in a slow and painful way

he’s a proper knobhead


don’t actually tell me. I’m half way through the series.

but if he doesn’t die i’m gonna be cross

um excuse you please don’t tag your hate


what’s with the n’s?



“nnnnnnn” is the sound I make when I am annoyed and too tired to yell at you properly

and really I didn’t tell you to do anything

I said please

I was nice

I am not too tired to yell at you properly.

go away.

oh .. please do stop yelling!

i cannot take it anymore.

i am sorry for my actions and i’ll never do it again.

I have learned my lesson today and from now on i will be a better person.



okay fine

the tags are a place for fans of Thing

If you show up to tea party and start telling everyone there that tea tastes like underarm sweat and you wish people would quit drinking it, they’re all going to be mad at you and think you’re a piece of shit

you are free to dislike tea, but don’t announce it to a group of people gathered specifically to appreciate and enjoy tea

Now I don’t read Avengers Academy and I don’t know anything about Striker, but there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t make this post and (suprise!) not fucking tag it

and then when you did tag it and somebody asked you nicely, you reacted like a twelve-year-old (are you a twelve-year-old? because that would explain a lot)

dislike your thing and go in peace, and the fans and you will both be happier

you are not clever or edgy for disliking a character, you are being rude